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5EMA's Forex System

5EMA's Forex System

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Brief Description:
A system for profitable trading on the worlds Foreign Currency Exchange markets, designed and actively traded by a professional Forex trader and fund manager. The creator guarantees that this particular system cannot be found in any other trading book, ebook or course.

Alongside internet marketing, one of the most popular ways of making a living online is trading, be it in stocks, bonds, options or on the Foreign Currency Exchange markets, or forex, as it is more commonly known.

Amongst the different markets, the most popular is undoubtedly forex.

In fact, the currency trading market is the biggest and fastest growing on earth, with a daily turnover in excess of $2.5 trillion.

The major participants in this market are the central and commercial banks, corporations, institutional investors, hedge funds and, increasingly, individual investors like you and me.

Now, given the sums of money being traded each and every day, it's probably not a surprise to know that there are plenty of forex trading systems and programs on the market too.

Each and every one of them will quite happily tell you that their program is the best, that they offer maximum returns with minimum risks, and that only they can let you in on 'the secret'.

Moreover, every single sales page for such programs will feature lots of testimonials from mega-satisfied customers, who have made a ton of money in next to no time at all by using the system in question.

Well, guess what?

The 5EMA's Forex System is no exception at all to this rule, and is guilty on all of the charges that I have just set out.

The sales page does tell you that their system is the best, and that you will never have seen it before. It does state that using the system will generate maximum returns with minimal risk and they even have the obligatory testimonials as well.

So, strike one against 5EMA's for a pretty unoriginal sales page approach.

Of course, you might say, to heck with the sales page, what matters is the product.

Absolutely agreed, but that is the main problem that I have here.

As an active forex trader myself, I have invested in quite a number of trading programs over the years. Almost without fail, a bad sales page has presaged a poor quality product that told me very little or absolutely nothing new, and more importantly, did not help me to make any money.

Hence, my suspicion of exactly what I was going to get with 5EMA's.

See, the bad news about any form of market trading - stocks, bonds or forex - is that there really is no Holy Grail, or hidden secret, but most amateurs don't seem to believe this fact, and are therefore always searching for it.

My opinion is that many poorly thought out or badly designed forex systems will unashamedly play on this fact, by suggesting that they have found the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow for you, and that you can buy it for a fantastically discounted price only from their site.

The good news, however, is that you really have no need of any Holy Grail to succeed in forex trading.

Indeed, you don't even have to win on every trade that you ever make, to be successful, and accepting that there will sometimes be losses is just a part and parcel of a trader's every day experiences.

As long as you have more winners than losers, and as long as the wins that you do enjoy are bigger than your losses, then you will succeed. It is as simple as that.

Every successful trader without fail has a system which they stick to. Without such a system, there is literally no chance of enjoying long term trading success.

Good systems are profitable and make money.

Bad ones do not, and, unfortunately there are some very bad systems on sale.

Almost all the systems that are available use what is known as 'technical analysis' to predict market movements.

That is, they apply what are known as indicators to market movement charts to predict how a particular market is likely to move, by how much and when.

5EMA's is no exception to this rule.

Indeed, the term EMA actually refers to one of the most commonly used indicators in technical analysis, the 'exponential moving average'.

There are two moving averages most commonly used by forex trading systems.

One is a simple moving average, calculated by adding a series of prices together over a period of time (say 10 days) and then dividing that number by the number of days (in this case, 10).

This gives an average price point, and smooths out the movements in the market to some extent.

The EMA is calculated in a similar manner but it gives greater weight and attaches more importance to the more recent prices in the time period being used.

The EMA is a more sensitive average that is more heavily influenced by the most recent prices than is the case for a simple moving average.

So, the 5EMA's Forex System product title tells you that the creator is using 5 different EMA's to predict where the markets are likely to go.

There's certainly nothing devastatingly original or revolutionary about that, but that in itself is a good thing.

In fact, almost all of the systems that I have seen that I would term 'bad' - that is, they are not going to make you profitable - have invariably failed simply because they tried to be too smart, clever or original.

So, using a combination of EMA's in this way is no bad thing, and is a fairly accepted strategy that is used by many, many fund managers.

Of course, the 'secret' (if there is such a thing) lies in exactly which EMA's the individual fund manager is using and I would certainly say that the particular averages being combined in the 5EMA's system are not ones that I have seen used together before.

So, when the site claims that this system is one that will be found nowhere else, well, I have no reason to disagree, as I have certainly not seen it before myself.

Such a system that is based on a combination of easily calculated technical indicators has the huge added attraction of simplicity, as well.

Far too many forex systems that are available would need a PhD in applied mathematics to decipher, and should be avoided at all costs if possible.

Again, such complicated systems are very rarely effective, and I often have a sneaking suspicion that they are actually deliberately made complicated to blind the purchaser to the fact that they are just not very good.

So, I am happy to report that the 5EMA's Forex System is straightforward, simple and easy to understand and then apply.

Two other things that I should mention about 5EMA's.

First, it seems that it will work for almost any kind of forex trader. Whether you are a day trader (in and out the market on the same day) or a swing trader, who can leave a trade in the markets for days or perhaps even weeks, the system seems to be effective.

This in itself is quite unusual, as the majority of systems tend to be more suited to one set of circumstances and trading style than the other.

Secondly, the system does incorporate sound money management techniques that are absolutely vital to your chances of enjoying forex trading success.

Simply put, all good systems emphasize that you should have a management system in place to cut your losses short, whilst allowing your winners to run to the maximum.

The 5EMA's system does this extremely well by, for example, offering several possible different points where you could exit a trade, depending on how conservative your approach is.

So far, so good.

We've seen all the things that the 5EMA system can do, so the big question is, does it work? Will it make enough money for you to justify buying the system manual?

Well, my own on paper testing over the past month has indicated that it most definitely will.

Using only one currency pairing, EUR/USD (the Euro against the US Dollar) has produced 23 winning trades as against 4 losers (not as good as is suggested on the 5EMA's sales page, but still acceptable) for a gain of 900 pips.

Of course, this is only one currency pairing over a relatively short period of time, but the market has been pretty average throughout the period (a little quiet, if anything, as often happens at this time of year) and so I see no reason to doubt that these results are a fair basis of assessing the effectiveness of the system.

It seems to work and, with the sort of pip gain that I experienced, it would be extremely profitable also.

While many of the systems on the market that purport to teach you an effective forex trading system are massively over complicated, the 5EMA's Forex System is commendably simple.

It is very simple to both understand and use, so I would have no hesitation in recommending it to anyone looking to take their first leap into the forex trading markets.

At the same time, my own testing has clearly demonstrated that, despite its simplicity, it is effective enough to produce results that would keep even the more grizzled old-hand forex trader happy as well, so it is not a system that should be viewed as one for beginners only.

The bottom line with any forex trading system is, does it work and will it make a lot of money for you?

The answer as far as the 5EMA's Forex System is concerned is yes, it does work, and, yes, it can make a lot of money for you, irrespective of how much or how little forex trading experience you might have.

It's one of the goodies and I would have no hesitation in recommending the 5EMA's Forex System to anyone.

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